Elysa Castro

@ Elysa Castro

I was born in Granada (Spain) and grew up in the country side. Although I started my career in architecture and interior design, I steered myself towards that which I’ve always had a passion for, animation and children’s books. Since I can remember I have felt the need to draw, the way I was brought up has made me want to continue working at this beautiful dream of mine.

Many of my pencil lines reflect moments I have lived, some of idealised scenes or childish dreams, but without a doubt, my admiration for the natural world, passion for animals, fire and sea, fill the numerous pages of my sketch book.

My personal work is influenced by the classic art of Walt Disney, great professionals who I have worked with, friends and fellow illustrators as well as those who I share my life with, helping to guide my artistic, professional and moral evolution throughout all these years. It’s a long list that would be left too short if I was to name just one of them. Whether it be with watercolour, pencil, photoshop, who cares? In the end, with each and every line we can show who we really are.

I’ve been illustrating school books for more than 9 years but “Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles”, the numerously awarded animated feature film, is the last project in which I worked as an art direction assistant, making much of the art and color of the film with José Luis Ágreda.